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 Sweet LifeTM and Sweet LifeTM MRP

Goalden Balance Inc.™ is dedicated to helping our customers achieve all of their nutritional and physical fitness goals.

Sweet Life™ is the best tasting, most effective, Premium Protein Supplement on the market today. It is low in fat and sugar, while still providing 20 grams of the finest cold-filtered, bio-available protein per serving. Sweet Life™ delivers the best results for anyone looking to lose weight and enhance overall health.  This amazing product helps athletes achieve the body they desire with the lowest possible amount of calories.

Sweet Life™ MRP is a perfect counterpart to the original. It’s still number one in taste and contains 42 grams of premium protein per serving, which is designed to deliver the best possible weight loss and physical fitness results. It is low in fat, low in sugar, lactose free, and contains a daily amount of the essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health.

In addition, both products are enhanced with a special Blend of Digestive Enzymes, allowing for easy digestion and making the Sweet Life Brand the fast absorbing protein supplement sold today!




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